“Simply loving the people you serve is the most basic but the most important thing in the hospitality industry.”
Josephine Ive
Director/Principal Trainer
Magnums Butlers International
Director and Principal Trainer of Magnums Butlers International, the world renowned woman of substance and grace has always sought after excellence. Acquiring her skills from across the globe, Josephine Ive launched her career as United Kingdom’s first female butler who has worked for Queen Elizabeth and other British royalties.
In her desire to share her vast expanse of knowledge and experience, she pursued the path of building lives and building the industry by establishing what is now known as the best and largest provider of butler education in the world. With this, she is now one of the strong pillars of the global hospitality industry.
It is for this reason that the Asian School of Hospitality Arts brought great honor, not only to itself but to the Philippine hospitality industry as well, by successfully organizing a one-day training by Josephine Ive herself; held at the C3 Events Place in Greenhills, San Juan City.
According to Ms. Ive, being a butler takes commitment, you have to be willing to leave your social life behind. But the satisfaction that comes with seeing people having the time of their lives and knowing that you were a part of that moment make all the difference.
With her parting words by the end of the interview, the famous lady butler renewed our pride and reminded us why we, as members of the industry, keep on going: “Passion is an overused word, but no person interested in entering and lasting in the hospitality industry can survive without it.”